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Disposable Automatically Retractable Safety Syringe

As the clinical staff have to handle a lot of operations such as medication injection in injection and blood sampling for patients every day, in order to put an end to the communication of heamatogenous contagious diseases and AIDS among patients or health people, it is necessary to prevent exposure of used needles during their collection and disposa which may cause pathological cross-infection. Therefore, Wealy research and design the disposable automatically retractable safety syringe.

Features & Benefits

● Single use with one-handed operation, operate like standard syringe, healthcare staff requires no additional steps to finish the injection.

● Needle retracted automatically. The needle automatically retracted as soon as medication is fully discharged, and the needle is firmly locked inside the plunger rod.

● Low Dead Space

● The colour of the needle seat is consistent with the ISO standard. Thus, the needle size can be easily indentified according to the colour of the needle seat.

● Achieve world class needle sharpness through the use of high grade steel tubing combined with the application of the latest grinding technology to produce a fine bevelcut on the needle tip.

  • 0.5ml/cc

    Code No.S101B

  • 1ml/cc

    Code No.S101B


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