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  • 10ml/cc

    Code No.S101A

  • Disposable Infusion Set

    Code No.S104B-3

    ● For Gravity Use
    ● For Infusion Bags & Bottles
    ● 20 Drops= 1±
    ● Flexible Drip Chamber, With or Without Medication Filter
    ● Vented Spike, Protecting Cap of Spike Included
    ● Screw Adapter or Needle Roller Regulator
    ● Yellow Latex/Latex-free Tube Injection Bulb
    ● Tubing—PVC, Transparent, Length—150cm or as Required
    ● EO-Sterilized, Non-toxic, Pyrogen-free
    ● PE/Blister Individual Package

  • 20ml/cc

    Code No.S101A

  • 30ml/cc

    Code No.S101A

  • Disposable Infusion Tube(with silicone tube)

    Code No.T001

    ● Special for Pump Use

  • Disposable Largebore Y-Infusion Tube(with silicone tube)

    Code No.T002

    ● Special for Pump Use


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